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At Professional Business Intelligence, we specialize in providing accounting, financial management, business process automation, and fractional CFO and controller services to help businesses enhance profits, improve cash flow, and streamline operations.

Our Beginning:

Professional Business Intelligence was founded in 2009 by Kyle Chastain, CPA, CMA, MBA. His significant consulting experience, particularly at the Mosaic Company, a publicly traded phosphate company in Florida, showcased his commitment to improving processes.

At that time, the company's largest liability was over $500 million, accounting for Asset Retirement Obligations related to phosphate mines and reclamation. A health crisis affecting the key Mosaic employee responsible for this complex accounting (FAS143) revealed a critical knowledge and expertise gap.

Kyle addressed this issue by improving the accounting process and developing VBA code in MS Access and MS Excel to automate monthly accounting. This produced the required reports 30 days quicker than the previous manual processes by compiling data from Mosaic’s SAP accounting system and Oracle purchasing system and performing complex financial calculations.

After completing this extensive project, and data mining and cost accounting projects at Westinghouse Power Generation and Illinois Tool Works, Kyle was inspired to bring better data analysis and process improvements to mid and small-sized businesses. This inspiration led to the birth of Professional Business Intelligence, a company dedicated to empowering smaller firms with the same level of data analysis and process improvements as larger corporations.

Today, Professional Business Intelligence comprises a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills. Our members include highly experienced accountants and financial professionals with CPA, CMA, and MBA credentials. Additionally, we have sales, marketing, and IT professionals with impressive qualifications and broad industry experience. Over time, we have built strong relationships with professionals in banking, insurance, security, venture capital, and private capital, and we can make recommendations upon request.

Financial Solutions

Enhance profits, cash flow, and eliminate time wasting processes.

Process Automation Services

Improve efficiency, streamline operations, and increase productivity with our process automation services.

There is no upfront cost. We offer complete turnkey solutions and coordinate with your IT partners. Schedule a 15-minute call to see how we can help you today.

· Software Implementation / Conversion
· Shorten Month-end Close
· Eliminate Manual Processes
· Accounts Payable Optimization / Automation
· Accounts Receivable Optimization / Automation

Fractional CFO Services

A fractional CFO, also called an interim CFO or part-time CFO, is a financial specialist who offers insights and guidance and leverages industry expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

Our fractional CFO services offer expert financial guidance, strategic planning, and decision-making support. Whether you need help securing financing, growing your business, or managing a crisis, our team of fractional CFOs is here to assist you.

· Secure Financing: Lender / Investor Relations
· Venture Capital / Private Equity Prep
· Turnaround or Crisis Management
· Grow Your Business: Strategic Planning
· Selling or Buying a Business
· Start-up Consulting
· Audit Prep and Facilitation
· Technical Accounting & Legal Support
· Cash Flow Management

Automation Solutions

Fractional Controller Services

A fractional controller is not just a financial expert but a guardian of your business's financial health. Working on a contract or project basis, they play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy of financial statements, interpreting the results, and communicating them in an easy-to-understand way to management and non-accountants. They also offer suggestions for business enhancements that mitigate the risk of fraud, theft, or abuse, providing a sense of security and helping to achieve the business's objectives.

· Reduce Risks: Internal Controls and Audit
· Month-end Close
· Clean Up Accounting
· Accrual Accounting - GAAP
· Cost Accounting
· Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
· Payroll
· Sales Tax

· Tax Prep - Cash Basis Accounting

Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Financial Modeling

  • Cash Flow Analysis & Planning

  • Data Visualization

  • Channel / Customer / Product Pricing Analysis

Satisfied Customers

Read what our clients have to say about our professional business services.

Our profits increased significantly after implementing their financial management solutions. Highly recommend!

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depth of field photography of man playing chess

Brandon, FL

The fractional CFO services provided by Professional Business Intelligence have been a game-changer for our company. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable.

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green plant on brown round coins

Plant City, FL